Design & Technology


Within KS3 pupils follow a carousel throughout the different areas of technology.  Using different materials and producing different products within the different areas. Developing their creative and practical skills in each discipline.



The Design Technology department at The Peele Community College is dedicated to learner’s enjoyment and enthusiasm for the subject. Our aim is to prepare learners for the ever changing world of technology through the different disciplines. Fostering leaners enjoyment of the subject and develop their understanding of design and practical skills; preparing them to become informed consumers.

The department have high expectations of achievement and behaviour, supporting pupils to develop a range of skills to produce high quality products and reaching their full potential within the subject.

Key stage three breakdown

Year 7 pupils work through the different areas of technology on a carousel, producing a Cam Toy, a Jitter bug and basic kitchen skills.

Year 8 pupils work through the different areas of technology on a carousel, producing a Gravity Racer, puppet and multicultural dishes.

Year 9 pupils decide on which area of technology to focus on and produce a short Design and Make assignment in that area developing their skills in preparation for KS4.


Key stage four breakdown

Within Key Stage 4 we offer AQA Product Design, this is made up of a controlled assessment and an exam at the end of KS4.


Controlled Assessment – 60%

Pupils produce a 20 page folder working through the design process on a brief provided by the exam board. Supporting their folder work pupils produce a practical piece of work to support this.


Exam  - 40%

Pupils take an exam at the end of year 11, this involves theory that been covered over the 2 year course.



Names, responsibilities and if appropriate areas of specialism

Harriet Pickworth

Teacher of Product Design


David Wise

Teacher of Technology

Product Design


Tracy Patience

Arati Reddy-Devlin

Teacher of  Food Technology


Jude Sherwood



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Subject specific information

Throughout the year we run coursework catch up and exam revision sessions. This allows pupils to complete any outstanding work or clarifying understanding with different topics.


During the year the D&T department are involved within the Super Learning Days. During our last SLD we worked with year 8 on team building skills, working together to a deadline and presenting the information to the rest of the groups. Pupils took on roles within each of the groups and presented information about the product such as cost, profit and design.