By working through a range of different tasks and learning activities we expect all students at The Peele Community College to…

  • Become fluent in the basics of maths, so that we can develop understanding and the ability to recall facts and apply our knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • Think mathematically
  • Solve problems quickly and with confidence


Key stage three breakdown

The Mathematics curriculum is a 5 year curriculum designed to prepare students for GCSE Mathematics at the end of year 11


Key stage four breakdown

This is a core subject which all students are expected to study at GCSE level.


GCSE Mathematics covers a wide range of basic mathematical knowledge and skills, grouped into three areas:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Probability and Statistics


We follow the AQA 9-1 specification – students sit three exam papers which both cover all areas of the subject.




D.  Gibson – Deputy Headteacher/Director of Mathematics
S.  Morrow – Lead Practitioner Mathematics
G.  Macillvray – Teacher of Mathematics
M.  Murfet – Acting Subject Leader of Mathematics
A.  Brebeanu – Teacher of Mathematics
R.  Thorpe – HLTA Mathematics
J.  White – ITT Mathematics






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 Subject specific information

GCSE Mathematics is an important foundation for many of the courses you may take in employment or further education, and a requirement for many university courses. If you get a good grade at GCSE you may even decide to take Mathematics A-Level.

 Almost all jobs and careers require you to have GCSE Mathematics, but the following careers are some that would enable you to make a lot of use of your Mathematics:

Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Teaching, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Computing, Information and Communication Technology, Banking, Insurance, Marketing, Business, Management, Pharmacy, Science