Junior Leadership Team

Role of Peer Leader and Junior Leadership Team

Students at The Peele Community College are able to apply for the role of Peer Leader. We have a very thorough selection process in which the students apply for the role and fill in an application form. Selected students are then invited to an interview with the Head of Year and the SLT link to that year group and Peer Leaders are appointed.

Peer Leaders work with students in the form groups to which they have been assigned during registration time. They help with reading; signing homework planners and checking equipment. It’s a responsible position which gives students great leadership skills, improves communication skills, confidence and enables them to be more rounded individuals. These are invaluable life skills which will really benefit them when they move on to the next stage in life after finishing at The Peele Community College.

Additionally, Year 10 Peer Leaders have the opportunity to form the schools Junior Leadership Team. This group meets every 2/3 weeks to discuss how to improve and change the college to enhance student learning.

What the Junior Leadership Team aims to do:

  • They aim to receive and consider ideas from a student perspective and present them to staff, students and governors.
  • They work alongside staff in order to improve the college environment and help promote a positive image of the college.
  • They aim to act as a communication system between the students and teachers.
  • They take the students views forward on how the college can be improved.
  • They will listen and consider the views of all students.

Once they have considered the views they will make recommendations to the teachers on how the college can be improved.

Have your say:

The Junior Leadership Team wants the views of as many students as possible. In order to get these views, the Junior Leadership Team has placed a suggestion box in the library. There are sheets next to the suggestion box which are easy and quick to complete. If students feel there is something that needs improving and they have a solution to it, then they can complete the sheet and place it in the suggestion box. The Junior Leadership Team will empty this box every couple of days and look at the suggestions so that they can be discussed in Junior Leadership Team meetings.

The Junior Leadership Team also has a noticeboard in the social area, this is regularly updated with information regarding student voice in and outside of college. This noticeboard is just outside the Main Hall.

Members of the Junior Leadership Team also run meetings with Form Representatives within their Year group, it is an opportunity to raise anything that the wider student community believes can improve the college and in particular the learning that they receive in classrooms every single day. The Junior Leadership Team is a voice for the students to ensure that learning at The Peele Community College is the best it can be, working in partnership with staff will ensure that this is the case.