Pastoral Support

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Heads of Year 

Head of Year

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Mrs J Wilkins

Year 7

Mr J Harrison

Year 8

Mr T Perkins

Year 9

Mrs P Portor

Year 10

Mrs S King

Year 11


Every student within The Peele has a Head of Year who is there to meet all of their pastoral needs. The Head of each year group is responsible for the pastoral needs of the students in their care. Alongside the form tutor, the Head of Year will be the main contact for any parents or carers who have any questions or concerns about their child.

Whilst we recognise that the welfare of our students must come first; at the Peele we also want every student to achieve excellence in education. This is why a member of the Senior Leadership Team is allocated to work alongside each Head of Year; the sole purpose of this approach is to closely drive and monitor the academic progress of each year group.

Before a student joins The Peele in Year 7 their Head of Year as well as the Assistant Head Teacher responsible for primary transition, will visit the primary feeder school to familiarise themselves with all students. They are sometimes accompanied by the Senco who attends to identify any students with specific needs and to ensure that, where necessary, arrangements are made for the appropriate support to be put into place.

Assemblies are held weekly within year groups, and these are sometimes led by members of the Senior Team or by the Head of Year. Our assemblies are tailored towards the needs of individual year groups and act as drivers to support your child’s progress. They also provide the platform through which the College can promote strong British values, how to remain safe as well as sending a clear message that all students at The Peele should strive to become highly respected citizens within their local community.

Behind the Year group system falls the College House system. Each student in Peele is allocated a House, and siblings also form part of the same house. The sole purpose of the house system is to promote charitable and sporting events. This may be through competitive activities culminating in the College sports day in the summer term, or by fund raising for individual house charities. Over successive years the three houses have raised several thousands of pounds for local and national charities.

Student leadership is an essential part of what we do at the Peele. Each Year group has a Year Captain and Vice Year Captain. Students have to apply for these roles by submitting a letter of application. The selection process is rigorous with a panel which consists of the Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Successful applicants also sit on the College Council. We are also very proud of our nominated Peer Leaders; these students are also role models of excellence and work closely to support students in KS3.

Throughout your child’s life at The Peele you can rest assured that both their pastoral and academic needs are supported by a highly competent and experienced team. Our aim is to ensure that all students enjoy school and are safe. However, our aim is also to ensure that all students are being driven to achieve their full potential and beyond.