Head Teacher's Blog 7th December 2018 - posted 7th Dec

Hello Everyone and welcome to December! I can't believe we are 2 weeks from the end of term already. We have been working hard across all the subjects to raise standards and I have been very impressed with the work I have seen when I walk around the College during lesson times. Students continue to do their best in lessons and I hope they can stay focussed as we move towards the holidays.

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Head Teacher's Blog 2nd November 2018 - posted 2nd Nov

So here we are, Term 2 and we hit the ground running. Year 7 are now fully fledged members of the school community, they know their way round and are settled in their new groups. Year 8 are getting used to not being the youngest in the school, and their new responsibilities include being role models for the younger students. Year 9 are moving forwards with their GCSEs, really beginning to understand the increased demands and they are readily accepting the new challenge. Year 10 continue with their GCSEs, competing assignments and preparing for exams in some cases. Then we have Year 11, who are suddenly realising how little time they have left (19 school weeks) until their GCSE exams start. Get revising guys, you can never start too early!

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OFSTED Monitoring Visit July 2018 - posted 14th Sep

An HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) from OFSTED carried out a Monitoring Visit in the last week of the Summer Term and saw the positive changes taking place at The Peele Community College. These included:

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