College to remain closed Friday (2nd March 2018)

The decision to remain closed has been made after further consideration of the continuing chaotic traffic conditions, cancelled busses and further snow and icy weather forecast.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in keeping our community safe.

Year 11 students are advised to continue their studies using work provided below:

Science web-based revision materials:


Triple Science past papers:

Triple Biology (Mrs Moody). Please revise chapter 6 (Genetics) and 7 (Evolution)  from the textbook and revision guide. Use your revision guide or Collins Connect website - Biology Student Book. Read through the 2 chapters and answer the End of Chapter Questions.


Combined Science past papers:



Yr11 English Literature revision:

‘A Christmas Carol’

Revise: Plot, characters, themes, structure and context.

Useful websites:




Year 11 Religious Studies and History:

Please check your college emails, work and guidance has been sent to you.

RS resources:

Jeapordy Revision

Keyword Glossary

Exam Criteria

Paper 2.1 revision


History Resources:

Crime Revision Sheets

Law Enforcement Revision Sheets

Punishment Revision Sheets

Structure for Exam Questions


Year 10 history students to revise Cold War 

Year 11 GCSE Geography: Prepare for the mock exams next week. Paper 1 hazardous earth, development and urbanisation. Paper 2 coasts and associated processes: weathering, erosion, deposition, transportation. You should also review geology of the UK and glaciation.  Use your revision guides that were supplied to you for the last mock or those that you may have purchased.  GCSE Bitesize can also be used. Use the section for Edexcel.

Year 10 Geography

10/A/Gg3 Miss Miller:

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your snow days.

The school has asked for us to send some work through to you so that we are not getting behind.  Just answer these questions on some lined paper and we will glue them into your book.

What I would like you to do is identify and explain the 4 types of erosion.  Use this site and the animations to help you explain. (

Then using words and diagrams show the evolution from headland, cave, arch, stack and stump.  How do we start from a headland and get to a stump?

How are wave-cut notches and wave cut platforms formed?

Use the information from here to help you explain these changing features:

I look forward to seeing you all soon.  Enjoy your snow day!

Miss Miller


Class Civ students to revise Rome and Pompeii for their mocks and continue CA work.



1. Please continue to use your AQA revision workbook with support listenings/readings etc 2. Go on linguascope and complete tasks in the intermediate section on topics we have done 3. Go to revision world and complete the Listening and reading paper for French AQA, June 2014 (higher/foundation depending on your entry tier)



Students need to be using the 9-1 Booster Pack section within the MyMaths library. Login and password : Peele and kites



Work on developing sketchbooks and final ideas  including annotations of work.

Google search GCSE Art Sketchbooks to view page layouts as inspiration. Do not copy but view the techniques and attempt to do work in your own style linking to your idea(s) in preparation for mock exam in week 4 this term. 



GCSE drama students need to learn their lines fluently in preparation for their Drama GCSE exam on the 28th March.