Head Teacher's Blog 2nd November 2018

So here we are, Term 2 and we hit the ground running. Year 7 are now fully fledged members of the school community, they know their way round and are settled in their new groups. Year 8 are getting used to not being the youngest in the school, and their new responsibilities include being role models for the younger students. Year 9 are moving forwards with their GCSEs, really beginning to understand the increased demands and they are readily accepting the new challenge. Year 10 continue with their GCSEs, competing assignments and preparing for exams in some cases. Then we have Year 11, who are suddenly realising how little time they have left (19 school weeks) until their GCSE exams start. Get revising guys, you can never start too early!

Today we had our first Super Learning Day, with 27 visitors providing different learning experiences and careers guidance for our students. All of our visitors were impressed by the students and the way that they engaged with the work in different sessions. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make the day a success - especially Mr Gilman, Mrs Gilman and all of our staff who supported the different activities throughout the day. On the back of this, I would like to tell you about our upcoming Careers Fair.

After the success of the Apprenticeship event back in September, we are holding our annual Careers Fair on Tuesday 13th November (4:30-7pm).  Mrs Gilman has had an amazing response from 40 different providers including local employers, 6th Forms, colleges and Universities who will all be present to answer any questions that students and parents may have about their future career.  We even have an artic lorry which will be parked on the school playground.

This event as last year is open to all local students from Primary and Secondary Schools and the general public. 

If you work for a local business and would like a stand at the careers fair please let Mrs Gilman know at gilmanj@peele.lincs.sch.uk or 01406 362120.

A reminder please of the uniform rules - leggings and skin tight trousers are not part of our uniform so please do not send students in them. Skirts need to be knee length - there is a guide on the website if you need to check. I appreciate your support in maintaining these standards - it means that every student makes a good impression, visitors always comment on how smart our students look and this positive impression can be helpful when students are looking for opportunities post 16 - those first impressions can make the difference in an interview.

Finally for this week, I would like to wish you a fun and safe Bonfire weekend. Please do check those bonfire piles for sleepy hedgehogs before you light the fires.