Head Teacher's Blog

Hello and welcome to the first official Blog of 2019. It has been a busy week here at The Peele (not sure when it is anything other than busy!).

Students and staff continue to work hard and it is such a pleasure to walk round during lesson time, calling in to see different classes and the activities they are doing. So many exciting opportunities for learning in all different areas of the school. This week has also seen some very exciting events outside of lessons as well. On Monday Mrs Gilman held a Work Experience assembly for the Year 10 students. This year they will have 2 weeks, from the 1st to the 12th of July. This gives students the chance to really get involved in their placement and is a great opportunity to explore what they might want to do for a career. Mrs Gilman was joined by 3 of the current Year 11 students, Jay, Sarah and Jodie - they shared their experiences of the ups and downs of a work placement, including the opportunity to make an impression and get the offer of an apprenticeship or even a part time job. Huge thanks to the Year 11s for their contributions.

In other news, our Year 10 and 11 Citizenship students had a day out to The Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, probably one of the most historic days of recent times with the vote of no confidence being taken. Our Year 11 were lucky enough to be in the public gallery to witness Jeremy Corbyn's opening speech to propose the vote. Miss Mombourquette organised the trip and Mrs Gilman and Mr Gooding were there as well. They all declared it to be the best trip they had ever been on and said that the Education Team at the Houses of Parliament were amazing. The students were absolutely buzzing and I look forward to hearing all about it from them during the next few weeks.

In sporting news, Mr Wheeler's Year 8 Basketball team had a match against Bourne Academy this week - which The Peele team won by 42 points to 4. Everyone played really well and the sportsmanlike conduct on both sides was incredible, well done to everyone involved, at Peele and at Bourne.

Some advance information now - we have a Year 11 Parents Evening on Thursday 24th January from 5pm to 7pm. There is then a Year 10 Parents Evening on Thursday 31st January - this will be at the slightly earlier time of 4.30pm to 6.30pm due to local road closures.

Finally, a reminder that mobile phones are not allowed to be used during the school day. They are allowed in the dining room, social area and quad before school until 8.50am when students go to form but taking photos or videos is not permitted. Once the bell goes, phones must not be seen until students are outside school after 3.20pm. Most students are very good about this rule but we have noticed some students trying to use phones to take pictures during lessons. This is not allowed due to safeguarding and privacy rules. I also must remind you that any pictures or videos on social media could result in further action being taken - you are not allowed to take photos or videos without consent and all members of our school community have the right to feel safe as well as the right to their own privacy. Thank you for your support with this.

So the weather is getting colder - make sure you wrap up warm and I hope you have a lovely weekend.