Head Teacher's Blog 27th April 2018

Welcome to our official Anniversary Blog - 60 years old and still going strong! 

We have had a busy week, the weather has been somewhat disappointing after the recent warmth but it is only April. Today (27th) has been our main Diamond Anniversary celebration for the current staff and students of The Peele and what a brilliant day. The main event was this afternoon - a 60's themed concert organised by Miss Shaw, Mrs Manghan and Miss Miller. We gathered the whole school together in the Sports Hall - and we invited our Governors along to join in too. I was so impressed by the performers who were absolutely amazing and so brave to stand up in front of over 600 people to perform. The stars of our show were:

Yr 7 Lucas Gellert

 Yr 8 Libby Davis

 Yr 9 Jake Holzman, Sophie Ann Wilkinson, Ellie Leonard, Lucy Stockdale, Chelsea Woodruff,  Lilly Haward

 Yr 10, Jodie Rhodes, Kyra Haime, Joe Hill, Beatriz Rocha

An extra 'well done' to Libby, Jake, Mrs Manghan and Miss Miller for their 'mash-up' of different 60's dance moves at the end!!

It makes me so proud to be Head Teacher when I see the hard work that these talented youngsters put in - and the support they receive from the staff that work with them and also from the audience - every performance was respected and appreciated by everyone in the hall.

Mr Corns did a marvelous job as compere for the event, bringing a host of fascinating facts about the early life of The Peele - for example there were 8 lessons a day, the school had pigsties and a vegetable garden and basket-weaving was on the curriculum. How times have changed!! But what never changes is the sense of community, of students and staff pulling together and the support from parents and all of the local community - helping us all to accept the challenges that life throws at us and work to overcome them and achieve success.

I would like to thank Taylor Shaw - our school caterers, who provided a celebration cake for us all and sliced it up so everyone could share when they left the Hall. Thanks also to Mrs Boor and her team for organising the logistics of the event, making sure everyone got a piece of cake and for presenting everyone with a keepsake - a commemorative pin badge of the Peele logo and the dates 1958-2018. It am disappointed that not all of our students were able to represent themselves positively but I would like to thank the majority who enjoyed the day and appreciated the efforts that had gone in to making it a day to remember - I know that our students will reminisce about today and I hope they will appreciate the fact that they were such an important part of the ongoing history of The Peele.

So it will be back down to Earth with a bump on Monday - GCSEs start on 15th May and Year 11 need to make sure they are working hard and focusing on their revision. End of Year exams are fast approaching for all students so years 7-10 also need to be revising, there is always work to be done and exams to prepare for - but remember that hard work will reap rewards. Preparation is the key.

I wish you all a productive week.