Head Teacher's Blog 4th May 2018

Welcome to the first Blog of May - and what a beautiful week it has been. After the excitement of our Diamond Anniversary last week, we have continued with the celebratory theme at Long Sutton Church. I would like to say a huge Thank You and Congratulations to Mrs Reddy-Devlin and her Year 10 artists for the lovely display of ceramic flowers that is currently sitting in St Mary's Church, along with a collection of photographs by our very own Sarah Harper (a true artistic talent for the future). The display is there until the end of the Flower Festival on 8th May so please do go and have a look. Thanks as well to Father Jonathan and his team for allowing us to use the church and helping us to be an active part of the Long Sutton Community.

Along with the Flower Festival, we also had a concert in the church on Thursday evening, showcasing Miss Shaw's team and the incredible talent of our students - some of which was on display last week as well. Excitingly several of the acts were the same but only one performance was from the Diamond celebration which just goes to show the level of commitment and hard work put in by all of the performers. My thanks and congratulations go out to all the performers and the support staff (including Mrs Manghan and Miss Miller as well as Mr Shrosbree and Mr Skelton who helped with moving the kit down to the church and setting it all up, as well as taking it all back to school after 9.00pm on the evening). The students involved were:

Year 7 - Lily-Eve Case (with her first ever solo performance) and Lucas Gellert.

Year 8 - Libby Davis, Grace Pharro, Frayer Pearson, Isabel Houchen and Codie Shaw.

Year 9 - Ellie May Willmott, Sophie-Ann Wilkinson and Lucy Stockdale.

Year 10 - Kyra Haime, Jodie Rhodes, Beatriz Rocha, Holly-Leanne Rostron, Becky Thompson, Samreen Gharu, Alex Maddison and James Andrews.

Year 11 - Abby-Louise Magor and Amy Palmer.

Not forgetting our very own Mrs Orbell on the ukele, performing some amazing music with Alex Maddison.

I would like to say a big thank you to our Year 11s in particular - they have performed so many times for the school and this was their last performance before they leave following their GCSEs, so I must admit there was a bit of a tear in some of our eyes on Thursday evening. 

Next week will be very busy as the GCSEs start with the French speaking exams. Then the main GCSE written exams start on 15th May so we are all rooting for the Year 11s at this important time for them. I must remind all of our year 11s that they still need to be properly dressed in school uniform while they are attending school and sitting their exams - please don't let your standards slip now folks.

Bearing in mind the warm weather that we hope is here to stay - blazers and ties need to be worn until such time as we announce otherwise. We will be reasonable about this, of course, but we do have a clear set of uniform rules so please continue to follow them.

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny Bank Holiday weekend. Take some time to relax if you can and return refreshed for the working week. Take care and stay safe in the sun.