Head Teacher's Blog 7th December 2018

Hello Everyone and welcome to December! I can't believe we are 2 weeks from the end of term already. We have been working hard across all the subjects to raise standards and I have been very impressed with the work I have seen when I walk around the College during lesson times. Students continue to do their best in lessons and I hope they can stay focussed as we move towards the holidays.

As far as the end of term goes, we break up on Thursday 20th December at 3.20pm. So there is no early finish on the last day and no complicated arrangements to get home. I would like to remind you all that the normal uniform rules still apply - leggings, short skirts and skinny jeans are still not permitted, nor are non-natural hair colours so please wait until we have broken up if you are planning on dyeing your hair.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Friends of The Peele Bingo on Monday evening - over £400 profit was made which all goes towards funding extras for students at the school. Huge thanks to Friends for their ongoing support - any of you who attend the Parents Evenings will have seen them providing the refreshments and this is just a small part of what they do - more on that in the New Year.

This Wednesday we held our award winning OAPs Christmas Lunch - we had over 50 guests and they all had a great time. The food was fabulous (thank you to Joan and her team for providing this) and the entertainment was really lovely - thanks to Miss Shaw and her group of performers - not forgetting Mrs Orbell and her ukulele troupe. The Junior Leadership Team (and a few of their friends) served the food and made sure that our guests needs were catered to. Biggest thanks go to Mrs Boor and her Admin and Site teams who make the whole event possible. All of the guests commented on how polite and charming the students were - once again Peele Students show just how amazing they are - even those not involved were polite and respectful of our guests and the whole event was a triumph.

So we move on to upcoming events - High School Musical Junior hits the stage this week. On Tuesday we hold the first matinee performance to year 7 and local Junior schools, followed by our main shows, open to the public -  2 evening performances (Thursday and Friday) and a matinee performance on Saturday afternoon. Tickets for the 13th, 14th and 15th are available from Main Reception - all details are available on the website and will be emailed out next week. Big thanks to Miss Shaw and Miss Sharples as well as all the cast and crew - this promises to be a fantastic show!!

Miss Shaw and her musicians are also busy preparing for the Christmas Concert at Long Sutton Church, which takes place on Tuesday 18th December, 7pm. Thank you to Father Jonathan for his support - we are looking forward to another evening of wonderful entertainment - more details next week.

I will sign off now and wish you all an enjoyable week - hope to see lots of you at 'High School Musical Jr' later this week.