Head Teacher's Blog 8th February 2019

Hello and Welcome to the February Blog. I wasn't expecting to have quite such a busy week this week but OFSTED decided they wanted to visit so we have been even busier than we thought we would be.

OFSTED aside, we have had an amazing week, mainly thanks to Miss Mombourquette and her Year 11 Citizenship group. They have organised the first ever Peele Mental Health week with a variety of activities to raise awareness of mental health issues and also to raise lots of money for charity. So far they have raised over £750.00 which will be divided between a Mental Health charity and the school. Funds in the school will be used for mental health support for our students. Activities included a sponsored silence, 'pie-face' challenge and 'do-nut worry'. Special thanks to Mr Archer who volunteered to have cream pies thrown at him on Tuesday - along with Miss Mombourquette and some members of the year 11 class. Today (Friday) was 'wear it green' day and everyone bought ribbons to show their support. The students were interviewed by the local press this afternoon and their message was:

The point of the week was to raise awareness and raise donations towards bettering the situation in our community when it comes to mental health. To start off the week some students in the group carried out a Vow of Silence to raise the issue that mental health tends to be a very silent battle. It is with the hope that this week will start conversations and eliminate some of the stigma around mental health. They have also created a new challenge for the school that has been quite a hit with the students. Teachers were asked to take a GCSE Challenge where they had to avoid saying words like exam, test and revision - or pay the price. It is hard for teachers to remember we only see the students for an hour a day but those students, especially year 11 students, are faced with 5 hours a day of the same reminders of exams, revision and qualifications.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the year 11 students whose passion and enthusiasm made this week happen. From an initial idea of maybe 1 day, they created a whole week of well organised, thought-provoking activities and I am so proud of what they and Miss Mombourquette have achieved.

Thursday saw Super Learning Day take over the school, with lots of visitors in and fun learning activities for the students. We had representatives from Morrisons, COWA, Natwest, Leicester University, Linc Higher and the Marines. Year 7 spent the day designing and building a bird box, using maths to help them create the best 3d model. Our year 10 were put through their paces by the Marines and Year 9 learned a lot about healthy relationships, staying safe and protecting themselves online.

So here we are, almost half way through the school year. Thank you for your continued hard work and support of the school. I hope you have a lovely weekend.