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Blog dated 5th October 2018

So another busy week draws to a close and we are very much enjoying the continuing good weather.

We held our annual Open Evening on Thursday 27th September and had over 125 families through the door. I was very proud of the way that staff and students pulled together and gave their time to make it such a successful evening. Every department looked amazing and there were lots of different, fun activities to try out. 62 students volunteered to act as tour guides (many of them were Year 7s) and even more stayed to help out in the different departments. I would like to say a huge thankyou to those staff who worked so hard to make the evening a success, and thankyou to all the student volunteers who are such great ambassadors for our school.

This week has seen us hold our belated MacMillan Coffee Morning – and we had so many cakes that we will be running a bake sale on Monday to raise as much as we can for MacMillan. Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and who came along to support us on Friday. Thanks to the Admin team and the Junior Leadership Team who organised the morning, decorated the library and served our visitors. We are hoping to top last year’s total – update next week!

A message now from Mrs Gilman regarding our Careers programme:

Careers Fair

Mrs Gilman our Careers Adviser is currently working on our annual careers fair for Tuesday 13th November.  Last year there were over 36 careers stands and Mrs Gilman would like there to be even more this year!  If you work for a business that would like a stand at the careers fair please let Mrs Gilman know at gilmanj@peele.lincs.sch.uk or 01406 362120


I must say I am very impressed when I walk around the school, especially when I take visitors and they comment on how calm and orderly the atmosphere is – I was particularly proud on Friday when Mr Lord (Head Teacher at Long Sutton Primary School) visited us to catch up with his ex-students. He commented on how calm the school was and how hard all of the students were working. During lesson time all of the students are in lessons and focussed and at lunch time the majority are sensible and respectful of each other and the school environment. I just have 2 requests please – first of all please remember the uniform rules, especially with regard to trousers which should be tailored but NOT skinny fit or leggings. Finally, we have an increasing problem with chewing gum. This is not something I have come across at Peele before, but there is a definite issue at the moment. Chewing gum is banned in school because it causes such a mess when it gets onto clothes and shoes. Please do not allow your young people to bring chewing gum to school – it is not fair on the cleaning staff to have to get it off the carpets and tables and it is unacceptable that it gets onto students and their clothing, causing much distress. Students found with chewing gum will lose their free time.

So, 2 weeks until half term. Work continues apace, there is always much to do. Revision session timetables are being produced for Year 11s and there are several trips in the pipeline as well. We will be launching our communication App after half term, so watch this space for more info.