Head Teacher's End of 2017 Blog

Hello and welcome to my final Blog of 2017.

It has been a very busy and exciting term for everyone here at The Peele. On a personal level, my first full term as Head Teacher has been challenging, exciting and incredibly rewarding. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the students and staff who have worked so hard to start moving The Peele forward following our OFSTED inspection last summer. We have had a lot of visitors during this term and each one has commented on the atmosphere within the school being so positive - many have said that The Peele feels like a school which is making real progress towards becoming a 'Good' school. Students take responsibility for themselves, wear their uniforms with pride and are always welcoming and respectful of any guests we have. Our new Prefects are developing their skills and laying good groundwork for future year groups to take on more responsibilities within the school. Big thanks as well to the JLT who have helped by bringing the students' views to senior staff at the school - their input is shaping the decisions we are making to improve The Peele for everyone.

I would like to thank all of the staff who have worked so hard this term as we take our first steps on the journey towards improvement. Particular thanks to Mr Ivan Reed and Mr Alistair Brewster - temporary teachers of DT who left us at Christmas. They both worked hard with our students and made a real contribution during their short time with us. I wish them both well in their future endeavours. We will be welcoming 2 new teachers of DT during the coming few weeks - more information about them as they join us.

My thanks also to all of the parents who support us every day, and to Friends of The Peele for their fundraising and support of student activities. We truly are a 'Community College' and it is important to me that all members of our community work together so we can improve all aspects of our work. I look forward to 2018 as a year of great change for us - positive changes that will improve the outcomes for our students and raise their aspirations and expectations.

My wholehearted thanks to everyone who has supported The Peele during 2017 - I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018. I am looking forward to the new term and the exciting opportunities that it represents. I hope that everyone returns refreshed and ready to work hard, aim high, accept challenge and achieve success. 

Finally, a reminder about the start of term.....students return on 3rd January 2018 - remember it is Wednesday of Week A so check you have everything you need in your bags. See you then - ready and raring to grab those learning opportunities and make the most of them!! Happy New Year to you all.