Resilience Trip – Norfolk Lakes

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45 Year 7 students from The Peele Community College embarked on a 3 day residential camp at Norfolk Lakes from Monday 21 November to Wednesday 23 November to focus on the characteristic of ‘Resilience’.

As part of the college’s on going programme of transition from primary school to secondary school, the students had a fantastic time taking part in a number of outdoor and adventurous activities such as caving, rock climbing, raft building, kayaking, blind trail and archery. The activities really got the students to focus on skills like communication, co-operation, team work and not to give up in the face of adversity and challenge.All attributes which will serve them well on the rest of their educational journey!

Students' comments:

Raft building was cool because we had to make rafts and balance on it, whilst in the freezing cold lake, my friend Isabel and I fell in…..brrrr!!  This trip was fantastic and I wish we could go back another time. I have overcome my fear of boats, because I used to hate them, but now love being out on the water!!!  Overall I think that the resilience trip was fantastic, it helped us work together and make new friends! Ellie Buttriss 7N2

My experiences at the resilience camp were very good because I climbed the climbing wall and built and raft which we sailed around the lake. In the raft building I fell off at the start because it tipped up, but once back on I paddled the raft into the middle. Lewis Brown – 7N2

It was one of the most likely and unforgettable experience. All the activities required confidence. Every student participated in the activities, faced their fears and therefore the word resilience definitely showed. Chloe Braithwaite – 7D1

Overall the trip was brilliant and I enjoyed every part of it!! Josh Woodrow – 7N2

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