The Peele Celebrates GCSE Results

We are delighted with the results that our students have achieved this year. An increase in the number of students reaching the very top grades, including in English and Maths where the style of exams have changed considerably. Our overall Value Added is increased from last year and this is a huge achievement for the students since they have had to deal with the new style Maths and English GCSEs – which we know are much more demanding than in previous years, especially as they no longer include any coursework.

The overall figures reflect the hard work and dedication of students and staff, showing positive progress for the majority, and an improvement overall for the year group. I am delighted that so many students have achieved the grades that they need to take the next step in their chosen paths.

Students that have achieved particularly well include Marshal Taylor, Jarred Dean, Adam Horspool and Ryan Early. Also Jenna Culy, Kayleigh Bunn and Chloe Lay have exceeded expectations and achieved the best progress across the year group.

Subjects that have done particularly well include Statistics, Triple award science (all students achieved grade A or A* in their exams) and the ICT qualification which every student passed with a top grade. Progress has been positive in English and Maths, where staff and students have taken on the challenge of the increased difficulty in exams, and our students have exceeded expectations.

We wish all of our year 11 leavers every success in their futures.

As we move forward, our aim is to maintain and improve on the standards set this year. We have high aspirations for our students and will work hard with them to ensure they can fulfil their potential.

Mrs J Moody

Head Teacher


The BBC has an article helping to explain the new 9-1 grades introduced this year. You can read it by clicking here.